4.2 Consortium Data Managers

4.2.1 Managing Security and Privacy Policies

As a data manager, you are responsible for managing access to sensitive data. You should be involved in managing the following:

  • Drafting Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) and Data Use Agreements (DUAs)
  • Arranging and managing IRB oversight
  • Drafting policy and protocol for reporting data security and management incidents
  • Managing data use limitations and conditions of consortium membership

4.2.2 Account Setup

To set up your account on AnVIL, please see the chapter for PIs and Lab Managers. Once the setup is complete, return to this page to continue.

4.2.3 Two Factor Authentication

Note that you must establish two factor authentication on your Google Account for added security.

4.2.4 Set Up Terra Authorization Domains

Terra Authorization Domains help keep sensitive genomic data secure while still allowing easy sharing with collaborators. See the Security section on Terra Authorization Domains for more information on setting up these secure access groups.

4.2.5 Granting Access

Data managers should confirm that all other consortium members have two factor authentication set up on their Google accounts prior to granting access to datasets.

Granting member access to datasets should be controlled via Terra Authorization Domains.

4.2.6 Revoking Access

Revoking access to datasets, either when a member leaves the consortium or the consortium concludes, should be controlled via Terra Authorization Domains.