As part of our goal of teaching the world about statistics and data science, we have acquired way-too-realistic puppets made up to look like the co-directors of the data science lab. Visiting the puppets is now a key part of visiting Johns Hopkins Biostatistics/the JHUDSL.

While at Hopkins we made sure to do some serious statistics: @LucyStats plays with puppet @rdpeng

— Nick Strayer (@NicholasStrayer) November 28, 2016

I thought I came to Hopkins to film a Christmas special w/ @LeekPuppet @puppetpeng @TenuredBCaffo but they just wanted a seminar ¯_(ツ)_/¯

— Jenny Bryan (@JennyBryan) December 5, 2016

They also have their own Twitter accounts (which, hilariously enough we didn’t create) LeekPuppet and PengPuppet and their own Youtube channel.

Stay tuned for much more from the puppets.