This is a gallery of apps created in collaboration with the Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab.


  • What is it? In Silicon-Valley speak papr is “Tindr for preprints”. It shows the user a random pre-print off of biorxiv and lets them rate it for correctness and for interest with a gesture.
  • Who wrote it? Lucy D’Agostino McGowan, Nicholas Strayer, and Jeff Leek


  • What is it? recount is a database of analysis-ready RNA-seq data sets processed from a public database. Users can download them as .csv files or as processed R objects.
  • Who wrote it? Leonardo Collado-Torres


  • What is it? mindfulness provides a convenient way for patients to access wellness audio files and provides use measurement for researchers.
  • Who wrote it? Sarah Salter and Matt Cole


  • What is it? HEAP - the Home Environmental Assessment Protocol - is a digital form designed for social workers and home-care professionals to assess the safety of geriatric patient’s dwellings.
  • Who wrote it? Yifan Zhou, Wenyi Lin, and Ding Ding