The Johns Hopkins Data Science Lab (DaSL) is a group based in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health whose mission is to enhance data science thinking everywhere and make data science accessible to the entire world. Data science is a fundamental way of thinking in many areas of science, business, and government. We believe all people should be able to develop literacy, fluency and skill in data science so they can make sense of the data they encounter in their personal and professional lives. We recognize data science as a fundamentally human activity and focus our activities on helping people build data analyses for people.

Our goal is to

We have previously built massive online open courses in data science that have enrolled more than 8 million people around the world, published best selling books, widely-subscribed blogs, developed podcasts on data science, statistics, and academia, and have developed a software platform for interactive learning of statistics in R. We make our impact by combining cutting edge research in machine learning, artificial intelligence and statistics with a deep understanding of applications and an eye toward the human behavioral component of data analysis.

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