Upon completion of this session, you will be able to do the following:

  1. Successfully install R and RStudio.
  2. Install your first R packages.


Day Module Slides Code Resource Cheatsheets/Guides
Day 0 Homework 1 HTML


Install the latest version of R (4.4.0 (called ‘Puppy Cup’) as of 2024-04-24)

For other operating systems, or if you prefer to access the download link from the official website, visit https://cran.r-project.org/ and select Download R for Linux, Download R for macOS or Download R for Windows based on which device you have.

Install the latest version of RStudio (Desktop):

You can also visit the RStudio website, https://posit.co/download/rstudio-desktop/.

If you are using a computer issued from Hopkins, you may need to work with the IT department in advance to do these installations.

Installing jhur (optional)

The instructor team has created a collection of code, called a “package”, that will help get data into your programming environment quickly. Copy and paste the following into the console and hit “return” to run the code.


Next, run the following:


If you get the following message, Enter one or more numbers, or an empty line to skip updates:, you can hit return to enter an empty line (no updates).

You should see some messages in the console, ending with * DONE (jhur) if the process completed successfully.

Homework 1

(Due June 28th at 11:59pm ET - but we strongly suggest you complete it before the course starts):


📝 HOMEWORK 1: Questions (HTML)

Drop Boxes

Homework 1 Drop Box

Note: only people taking the course for credit must turn in the assignments. However, we will evaluate all submitted assignments in case others would like feedback on their work.